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I have vps and i want download link from net like rapid share ( with account ) or from direct link or also torrent...

is there any web application with php or python to download link form net?


i want have application with php or python and install it on vps ... and use it with address like http://ip/x.php and add link to this web application and then this application download it to vps.

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Could you clarify your question please? What exactly are you aiming to do? Do you want to feed an application on your vps urls for it to download? FYI I noticed your closed question. –  PriceChild Apr 15 '11 at 14:17

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You may fetch files from the net using:

  1. wget http://example.org/pub/doc/howto.html
  2. curl http://ex.com/file2 > file.bin
  3. netcat server.org 80 <<ENTER>> GET /path/to/file.txt
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