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I am struggling to understand where PackageKit is launched from at boot time (fedora FC13), and I'm starting to suspect that - since my previous experiences with much older Linux distros - in modern systems daemons/services/programs are launched at boot time from many other different points. In my case, I can't find an origin point for this program in /etc/rc5.d Where can I find a list of places to look into?

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After googling, it might be yum-updatesd that you're asking about?

Addressing your other comment.. rather than looking in /etc/rc5.d, using chkconfig is probably far easier.


chkconfig --list

You can then use chkconfig to disable a service, e.g.

chkconfig httpd off

If this isn't a boot-time thing but something when logging in, try looking in Gnome's System > Preferences > Sessions, then look on the startup tab and in the list there.

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