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I've been looking around for dropbox-like server products and so far have found this three:

and this how-to, on how to build a dropbox-like service yourself:

are there any others?

The problem when looking for stuff like this is that everybody seems to be looking for something different, so while there are a lot of posts here and on other websites about various services/products, only a few of them seem to actually do what I'm looking for. Also some of them seem to be still in development ( ) or in a "private beta" phase ( ).

The criteria are:

  • files should be hosted on my private server
  • needs to work over the internet
  • needs to have a web interface
  • needs to have a way of direct-file-access (like webdav, or dropbox-like, ideally with Windows explorer integration)
  • needs to run on Windows (so no iFolder or similar)
  • file versioning would be nice (or maybe it can work together with Windows' shadow copies?)
  • encrypted transfers would be nice
  • some backup functionality would be nice (like a "download everything"-button that packs the files together into a zip-file and provides a download link)
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Such questions are welcome at :-) – Nicolas Raoul Feb 17 at 5:16