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Is it possible to install a different windows manager?

Currently I am using an HP Netbook 210. The windows manager I am using is "gnome-shell" that comes as default with Fedora 15. However, I am wondering if I could completely remove this and install a different windows manager, such as Xfce 4.8.

I am not talking about completely removing Fedora 15 and then installing Fedora 15 xfce spin. Just the window manager.

How easy would it be to remove the gnome-shell windows manager and then install xfce 4.8 windows manager? Any steps to do this?

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Yes, it should be easy to install another window manager and take if for a spin. You don't even have to remove your current one, in fact it's highly recommended that you leave it in place.

Open up your distributions package manager and install the XFCE packages. Then logout and use the menus on the login screen to select a different window manager during your login process.

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Install Switchdesk package as well:

$ sudo yum install switchdesk 

Then change your window manager:

$ switchdesk xfce
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