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I am new to mac, and am in the process of getting my computer setup with all the programs I need, one of them being Haskell.

To my surprise, the Haskell platform for OS X is not like in Windows (where there is a GUI editor built on the platform installation - winGHiC). After looking a lot around, I found this editor TextMate which is supposed to be compatible with Haskell but am finding it quite complex to setup the Haskell Bundle for it.

I have already downloaded and installed the following:

  • Haskell Platform for Mac OS X
  • Xcode 3. 4 (Haskell Prerequisite)
  • TextMate
    • Haskell. Tmbundle files (mentioned above)

Is anyone familiar on how to get it working? It will mean a lot to me a detailed stepwise explanation, like I said, I has been only 1 day since I used OS X for the first time.

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You know, if you don't like an answer, you're supposed to mention that in a comment instead of giving up on the question. – Daniel Beck May 8 '11 at 2:39
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It's actually quite easy -- Github just renames the actual folder to have a prefix, which is unfortunate.

Download the tmbundle, unzip it by double-clicking, then rename the textmate-haskell.tmbundle-5d41f32 folder to textmate-haskell.tmbundle.

tmbundle is a TextMate bundle extension, so it will appear as a file afterwards. Double-click the file to add the bundle to TextMate.

Alternatively, get (or use — don't know if it's bundled out of the box) the Get Bundles bundle to add a bundle manager and downloader to TextMate

Alternatively, if you use git, check out the haskell.tmbundle from GitHub into ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/

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This came up on stackoverflow recently:… – applicative May 8 '11 at 1:54

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