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Is there a vim macro to convert CamelCase to lowercase_with_underscores and vice versa?

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Tim Pope’s abolish.vim can convert among camelCase, MixedCase, snake_case, and UPPER_CASE, as well as convert (one-way) to dash-case.

Position the cursor on any of fooBar, FooBar, foo_bar, or FOO_BAR and use

  • crc to convert to fooBar
  • crm to convert to FooBar
  • cr_ or
    crs to convert to foo_bar
  • cru to convert to FOO_BAR
  • cr- to convert to foo-bar
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perfect solution – Neil G Apr 16 '11 at 7:00
Tim Pope is awesome. So many great plugins. – Hendrik Nov 26 '14 at 14:34

Yes there is, and as a bonus there's one there to go the opposite direction as well!

Quote from the wiki in case it goes away:

" Change selected text from NameLikeThis to name_like_this.
vnoremap ,u :s/\<\@!\([A-Z]\)/\_\l\1/g<CR>gul

and for the opposite direction:

" Change selected text from name_like_this to NameLikeThis.
vnoremap ,c :s/_\([a-z]\)/\u\1/g<CR>gUl
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Thanks! It's almost perfect, except on my vim, it doesn't change the first letter of the CamelCase name. I'm not sure why. – Neil G Apr 15 '11 at 22:49
Very nice. I did find I needed to make this change for the snake to camel direction: vnoremap tos :s/\C\(\U\&\S\)\([A-Z]\)/\1_\l\2/g<CR> – Jonah Jun 28 '13 at 9:40

lh-dev also provides commands to convert between naming styles:

:NameConvert snake

will convert the word under the cursor to snake_case.


will convert each occurrence of the pattern to a getter name, assuming the user confirms the transformation (:h :s_flags)

The styles supported are of two kinds:

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