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I have installed a custom theme on my machine. Now I messed it up and cannot see anything when I launch any explorer window: enter image description here

The mouse icon keeps on spinning when I launch any explorer window. And the desktop appearance menu when you right click on the desktop is also a part of explorer.exe. Now I need to know if there is any software that lets me change the theme back to normal. I've already tried explorer++ but it doesn't have what I need. Please help. Thanks.

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Not sure how to change the theme in such a way, but perhaps you could temporarily disable the Themes service?

If you open an administrator command prompt (Start > "cmd" > right click > Run as Administrator) then type the following:

net stop Themes

That should stop the Themes service and hopefully allow you to fix your problem.

Once you've reset your theme you can restart the Themes service with the following command:

net start Themes
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Thanks, its now back to normal. I used the theme changer in tune up utilities to change back to aero theme. Then restarted explorer from the task manager.

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Did you have to stop the Themes service, or using TuneUp Utilities was the only thing needed? – 8088 Apr 23 '11 at 17:25

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