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I installed W7 Pro x64 and then I installed Ubuntu 10.04. During the Ubuntu install, I decided NOT to allow GRUB 2 to be the boot loader for both Ubuntu and Windows. I followed the advice of a tutorial and decided to select the "Advanced" button at the very end of the Ubuntu install to install the GRUB 2 boot loader onto my very first Ubuntu partition (sda5 IIRC).

Now when I boot my computer, I don't get any boot screen whatsoever. It simply boots right into Windows 7. If you didn't know better, you wouldn't be able to tell I have Ubuntu installed.

I followed this tutorial but no changes occurred. I still cannot access Ubuntu.

So, my question is this, since I cannot access Ubuntu at the boot screen, how do I configure the Windows boot loader to allow me to boot into either W7 or Ubuntu?

Thank you.

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Use EasyBCD to modify the Windows 7 Bootloader to add Ubuntu, it's very easy and straightforward. I have used it on many machines.

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Strangest thing. I swear I did that before and nothing. I tried it again and it worked. Now i just have to decrease the GRUB time to "0" so it doesn't boot into GRUB when I select Ubuntu 10.04. – H3br3wHamm3r81 Apr 16 '11 at 16:46
I would actually keep 5 seconds on GRUB, as it can come in useful if you have made a kernel update and can't boot into the latest one. At least you can boot into an older kernel. – Sandeep Bansal Apr 16 '11 at 21:49

sda5 is a logical partition. Since the BIOS reads the MBR at the beginning of a drive, it will not read the bootloader at sda5. Boot from the Ubuntu CD and reinstall the bootloader onto the disk device sda itself. Make sure that GRUB is set to allow booting from either Windows 7 or Ubuntu.

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