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Is it possible to install Shairport, or any Airport Emulator, on Windows? I want to stream music, photos and/or videos from my iPhone to Windows directly.

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I got Airplayer working on XBMC on Win7 x64.

  1. Install XBMC and enable control from network (System -> Network -> Services -> Allow XMBC via UPNP & HTTP)
  2. Download python 2.7 for win32
  3. Download setup-tools from:
  4. Put C:\Python2.7 and C:\Python27\scripts in the Windows Path. (Go to control panel > System > advanced system settings > environment variables

    search for the Path variable in the lower System variables area of the dialog and add both paths seperated by an semicolon (;).

  5. Download and extract to disk
  6. Open an cmd window and type: easy_install pip
  7. in the same window type, navigate to the airplay script folder and type: pip install -r requirements.txt
  8. also in the same window type: dns-sd.exe -R MyComputer _airplay._tcp . 6002
  9. configure the in the airplayer folder.
  10. run airplayer from the cmd window: python
  11. run XBMC
  12. Open a Youtube video from your iOS from the official YouTube video and look for the Airplay icon.

If you restart your computer, you will have to execute steps 8, 10 & 11 again :)

There is a way to launch everything needed as a windows service, I will investigate that. If someone figures it out, please update this guide (its a community wiki) or post a reply!


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Answering myself: I could'nt compile ShairPort for windows, but I found another solution.

I installed AirMedia Player on my windows 7. It allowed me to view videos from the YouTube App on the iPhone instantly on my windows PC. Then, I installed AirVideoEnabler from Cydia, and now I can watch videos from any iPhone App! :)

UPDATE: AirMedia Player is not so stable on windows and it was not updated since released.

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