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Working with Windows 7 professional. While trying to format western digital 250GB sata laptop drive; receiving error not initialized. Went to elevated command line to diskpart to clean all; received error message write protected. Went to Disk Management & Virtual disk drive shows as disk 2 not initialized. No format options available greyed out. Went back to command line tried to see attributes disk is read only. How do I take owner ship to change the permissions & format.

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Can you connect it to another PC, see if it can be formatted there? – Moab Apr 17 '11 at 1:13

As administrator, you can right click the file and select

Properties, Security, Advanced, Owner

Also see:

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Boot from your Windows installation media into a recovery prompt and run DISKPART from there, generally it should clean things up for you without much trouble.

If that fails, I'd use a Linux live CD like Ubuntu Desktop and use the partitioning tools included to work with the drive; I've found in the past that sometimes the Linux partitioning tools are more robust than their Windows counterparts.

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