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I am having some problems with mouse clicking in Windows 7 64 bit. Certain programs (e.g. Visual Studio) don't respond to mouse click consistently. It's a very odd problem--certain types of mouse clicks, like switching between open files by clicking on the tabs up top, work perfectly every time. Other types of clicks, like clicking the left-sides tabs in the property page, require multiple clicks to register. Dialog boxes from many programs also seem to have to same problem pretty consistently. Oddly, even when the click fails, the screen seems to indicate visually that the click worked, but the intended action does not occur.

I have updated every driver I can think of to the latest version (both monitors, mouse, graphics card), and nothing has solved the problem.

I did not try different hardware, as (like I said) SOME applications or situations have very consistent click behavior.

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I have also noticed this on my W7 64 install, and the 2 other 64 installs I have done form my PCs, weird Windows bug. Does it some places but never others, strange indeed. – Moab Apr 17 '11 at 1:07
Same exact problem (problems on certain screens, not others)? Did you ever find any info on it? Others reporting the same problem? – Phil Sandler Apr 17 '11 at 1:14
Yes same behavior, No resolution I have ever found, its is not that big of a problem to bring out enough complaints so MS will look into it, unfortunately. I heard somebody bring it up on a podcast a while back, I think it was one of the Security Now podcasts, it was a very brief touch on the subject, so I know it is a known bug, not just me low on meds. ;-> – Moab Apr 17 '11 at 1:34
It's a big problem for me, since I don't want to go insane, murder a bunch of innocent people and go to jail. :) Oddly, I just disabled my second monitor and it seems to have resolved it (not the first time I thought it was resolved, tho). – Phil Sandler Apr 17 '11 at 2:09
Found a thread that said it could be caused by windows 7 themes. Re-enabled my 2nd monitor and it seems to work for now. :/ – Phil Sandler Apr 17 '11 at 2:16
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If you run into this, try completely turning of themes in Windows 7 (i.e. disabling the Themes service). Seems to have done the job for me.

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You might try making sure the keyboard filter is installed. I had two systems exhibiting this behavior, both had USB keyboards and USB mice. Installing the correct keyboard filter fixed both. Usually this is on the original install CD in the location where other mfg specific drivers are. In my case both machines had updated KB filter drivers on mfg web site.

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I had a similar problem, with double-clicks when I clicked once, or the wrong button activating, etc. I fixed it by restoring the primary & secondary mouse button locations (I had them reversed in Control Panel, due to a right wrist injury). Windows 7 SP 1, updates applied.

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The problem can sometimes be fixed by using Ctrl Alt Del to bring up task manager, and then hitting escape. This worked for me. The other option which does not always work is to unplug the mouse, and plug it back in after 20 seconds. It is very strange how this just starts happening on systems that have worked fine for years (6 year old home built system in my case). Very suspicious that this is only happening with Windows 7.

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I found when I hibernate my laptop that sometimes the mouse doesn't work right and (what's the point if have to restart the pc/windows?) looking for some other way to enable, I found that in Process-Tab, killing the process EXPLORER.EXE (closes the whole system taskbar and tray) then in Applications-Tab starting New Task EXPLORER.EXE (restarts the taskbar and tray) that this fixed my mouse problems. (it has also fixed other problems, lockups, etc. in the past is why I tried it, so you can also try it on other problems too) John

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Go into Start, then Control Panel. At the top right type in MOUSE and it will pull up Mouse Settings. Click on "Change mouse click settings" After you click this you will see "Double Click Speed" in the middle of page also
SPEED SLOW |||||||||| FAST Move the arrow between SLOW and FAST back toward SLOW. Mine is set on the 3rd ||| from SLOW. Be sure to click APPLY then OK.

You may have to play around with yours to find out where to put the arrow.

Good luck, this is how I fixed mine.

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