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I read that I will have to plug my Powerline Networking plug directly into the wall socket, but it appears it works fine when I plug it into one of those extension cords

I wonder whats the rational behind the need to plug directly into the wall socket? Does it work lousier when I plug into an extension? Isn't the wall sockets something like an extension?

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There are two reasons why you should plug direct into the wall:

1: The more devices you have plugged in between you and the wall, the more chance you have of interference in the signal.

2: Some extension sockets contain filters and surge protectors. These interfere with the signal.

Yes, it will work fine in a non-surge protected extension, but you may not get quite such a clean signal, and hence not quite as much speed, as if it were plugged direct into the wall.

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will it also still work even if it's connected to an electric splitter ? even if one of the sockets is connected to a computer? – android developer Oct 14 '13 at 19:24

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