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I can type a backtick just fine in any application save RubyMine (and probably any stupid JVM app) either by pressing S-Backtick S-Backtick (i.e. pressing Backtick twice whilst holding down Shift), or by pressing S-Backtick Space.

Any clues what could be going on here? It almost certainly has to be Java, but I don't know anything about adjusting Java input settings or whatever.

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In Ubuntu the backtick key is a modifier key for extended characters: backtick+e = è etc. Two backticks give a backtick by itself.

It is quite likely the Java application isn't interpreting the double-character keyboard input as a whole but taking each character separately.

You may find it necessary to create a custom keyboard map (or modify the Swedish one). I'm not sure how you'd go about that in Ubuntu.

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Hrm, maybe I should file a bug with RubyMine. – Josh Glover Apr 18 '11 at 12:21

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