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I have Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 9. I am a government employee needing to access my travel department from my personal computer. Security protocol indicates I must use Internet Explorer 7 or earlier to access and that Internet Explorer 9 doesn't meet security certificate requirements.

Can I install Internet Explorer 7 and select it for use when needed?

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Internet Explorer 7 is not available on Windows 7 without some major shoehorning. Windows 7 ships with Internet Explorer 8. In order to use Internet Explorer 7 or below, you should use a virtual machine with Windows XP installed. Take a look at the Virtual PC Image from Microsoft, or try VirtualBox.

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I just tried accessing the site and IE8 is the latest supported version.

This is the message that I received when trying to access the site. So it makes it much easier to use both IE8 and IE9 on Windows 7 than going all the way down to IE7 and having a much tougher time doing so.

We support the following browsers and versions.

Internet Explorer 6.0
Internet Explorer 7.0
Internet Explorer 8.0
Firefox 3.0
Firefox 3.5
Firefox 3.6
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You can try that:

Run IE6 IE7 IE8 at Same Time - Internet Explorer Collection

(that question is like yours: Can I install IE 7 on Windows 7?)

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