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We have a number of Amazon EC2 instances with Visual Studio 2010 installed on them. The license we are using has a fixed number of seats, all of which are being utilized at the moment.

I've created a new instance for an additional developer on our team (cloned from an image with VS 2010 already installed on it), but I need to use a different license key for the Visual Studio 2010 installation on his instance.

How do I change the license key for an installed copy of Visual Studio 2010?

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I don't have experience with Amazon EC2, so I apologize if this is an ignorant response.

I found this on a site that describes using the method for less-than-legal purposes. I imagine, however, that it should work for general users. I can't test, unfortunately, because I use Express in Win7 and there is no option to change license.

from iMohanG:

Method 1: Change the serial number after Visual Studio 2010 installation

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, locate and highlight Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate/Premium/Professional installation, and click on Uninstall/Change button.

  2. Upgrade Visual Studio 2010 Product Key for Activation

  3. A Visual Studio setup maintenance screen should be shown. After clicking Next button, an option to enter a valid serial number to upgrade product license is available.

  4. Enter the upgrade key accordingly, and click on Activate button. No re-installation required.

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Thanks! Can you provide a link to the source site? –  todofixthis Jun 20 '11 at 19:11
The link has some questionable material that probably isn't appropriate for this forum. They are well known exploits, nothing too nefarious, but I am not totally comfortable posting here. I didn't alter any of the text, though, so you can do a string search to find the source. Did you try the process? Did it work? –  Pigasus Jun 20 '11 at 23:10

I would venture that it is possible to do this by finding the original key in the Registry and changing it to the new key--supposing that Visual Studio stores its product key there. You could use the program regedit to find out. However, I can't say whether this method would violate your EULA for Visual Studio--proceed with caution.

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