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I have used Mozilla Firefox F1 add-on. I want exact functionality like this add-on provides -- yeah I know, Shareaholic, add this extension in Chrome, but every one of them opens a new tab. Are there any such extensions?

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I've been using chrome for a while now and was desperate to have a similar to mozilla f1 button for it. I switched to Firefox as my main browser for the mean time until I get a proper similar extension for Chrome. Chrome is better and faster but sadly although it has a web store, it lacks many great addons and extensions. I advice you to switch to firefox 4. =) I am also desperate to have a proper download manager for Chrome such as downthemall. Too bad it has nothing so far.

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I think your response should be in comment, not in answer. Anything not answering the question should be in comment. – user May 12 '11 at 4:09

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