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Why don't Notepad++ plugins work in a macro? For example:

Manual run plugin - Converter -> "ASCII -> HEX"
AAAA 4141414120
BBBB 42424242
CCCC 43434343

Runned as recorded macro
AAAA 4[nul][dc4][nul]Ő
BBBB 4[nul][dc4][nul]Ő
CCCC 4[nul][dc4][nul]Ő

The same is with TextFx plugin, MathLab and so on... How can I solve this problem?

I need to automate (record macro) with EvaluateExpressions or other plugin methods (TextFx -> Convert -> Decimal To Hex) or (MyPlugin -> MyMethode).

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At least in version 5.9.2 of Notepad++, Settings-> Shortcut Mapper has a button for "Plugin commands."

You can assign a plugin command directly to any shortcut of your choice, without needing a macro or script. "TextFx -> Convert -> Decimal To Hex" appears on line 144 as "C:Convert Decimal Number to Hex".

Or, add the plugin command to your right-click menu. Use Settings-> Edit Popup ContextMenu. Simpler than I expected!

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You could try to do it with the pythonscript plugin (you can get it with the plugin manager):

Once the plugin is installed create a new script and put :

notepad.runMenuCommand('TextFX Convert', 'Decimal To Hex')


You can then add it to the pythonscript menu, and assign it a shortcut from the "shortcut mapper" window.

Option 2

You can also try the more troublesome way by using the Universal macro patch, which is located over here:

You would need to compile n++ though, and I'm not sure on how to do that.

Good luck.

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