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This is more out of curiosity, something I noticed recently that I don't know why it's happening. Are there different windows border button styles in Windows 7? I.e., the minimize, maximize, and close button styles?

I have a Windows 7 Professional machine at work and those button styles are each the same size rectangle, with rounded corners, with a small gap between each button.

I was reinstalling Windows 7 Pro at home this weekend and realized on there those same buttons are what I think of as the "Vista" style, and what I see in most Windows 7 screenshots. The "close" button is wider, and all three are flush against each other.

I can try and get screenshots to post later if that helps. Is this a difference between effects being on, or Aero or something? I can't find which settings might affect it and I'm stumped. Thanks!

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That's probably Aero vs. Aero Basic - see the first two screenshots here.

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Ahhh, that's exactly it! I was apparently having trouble with my image search keywords. Thanks! – Peter Tirrell Apr 18 '11 at 15:43

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