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What is the best UAE version for OSX?

I have tried E-UAE and there was something weird going on with the emulated screen. It didn't seem solid at all. I tried PUAE too, and it seemed much better, but in fullscreen the screen gets a very yellow tint, and as a a window, the mouse cursor gets trailed by the OSX cursor, and sometimes they get so far away from each other, that things in the Amiga window can not be clicked.

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FS-UAE ( works great. With this emulator, I don't experience any of the display or mouse problems you're mentioning.

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If you are offering a product recommendation, explain why it is the perfect item the OP needs, and potentially any costs, or screenshots. This answer is consider very low in quality as is; I would recommend editing it to improve it. Thanks – Canadian Luke Jul 12 '14 at 17:34

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