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I am the president of a small gaming club with a club-owned library of board games. People have been asking me if they could borrow the games between club meeting times. The club has a website, and I thought I might be able to host a simple library inventory program on the page that will let people check out games.

I am technically proficient, but I have very little experience with web development. Does anyone have advice on what software would be applicable for my needs and how to best implement it?

I would greatly appreciate your help!

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You could always setup WordPress and use something like the FoxyShop plugin that handles inventory management for you.

The advantage with this is that you could also migrate the club's site into WordPress as well, and leverage all the benefits that WordPress has to offer for ease in content management and additional plugins.

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FoxyShop seems more like a store inventory program than a library check-in and check-out system. I need a system I can display on my website that the clubbers can access and check out games. Thanks for the suggestion though! – Wyko Apr 23 '11 at 3:14

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