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I'd like to know if anybody out here knows if there's a way to easily switch between monitors from an app in Windows 7.

The setup: I have a laptop who's resolution is 1600 x 900 and a monitor which is 1920 x 1080.

What I'd like to do: When I plug my monitor in my laptop I'd like to be able to run a program (or a script), ideally just by clicking on an icon on the desktop or by typing a hotkey, that would switch the primary output form one monitor to the other.

I know I can do it manually by going in my display options, but this is very cumbersome and not an ideal solution. This is not the answer I'm looking for.

So, do you guys know any program that could do it?

Alternatively, being a programmer I could code it. So if anybody know what's the API for it (preferably in .Net) and a general "howto" to go along, that's a valid answer as well.


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Try this: Display Fusion

Ctrl + Win + X = switch monitor

Ctrl + Win + S = resize window

... and many other shortcuts ;)

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Okay... WOW!!! I plug in the monitor, and HOP! The display is switched... unplug it... It automagically switches back! I don't even need to use hotkeys! That's awesome! Thanks Wolfy! – joce Apr 20 '11 at 3:12

Windows logo+Shift+ or switches an app to monitor left or right

from My Digital Life - Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts (Accelerator Keys or Hotkeys) Full Listing

It does have the behaviour you want on a Lenovo laptop without additional software (Intel HD 4000, win 7): as soon as I plug-in a second monitor (previously set to primary display) this monitor will become primary display and if I unplug the laptop monitor is used as primary display. I think windows saves a monitor set-up and recognizes it if the same (I don't know what this exactly means) monitor is plugged in.

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Windows 7 and above has this hotkey: Win+P. It is meant for projectors, but should work in most cases-

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