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I'm on mac osx.

1. Is there any tool to compress a folder into multiple zip files ?

2. Is there any tool to split a compressed zip file into smaller zip files (to open individually later) ? thanks

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  1. Pass -s to zip.
  2. zipsplit
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Splitting a directory

To create a split ZIP archive on OS X, you would use

zip -s <size> -r <out> <in>

Where size is a number followed by k, m or g, e.g:

  • 650m
  • 180k
  • 1g

out is the name of the output files without the suffix and in is the directory you want to compress.

Splitting a ZIP file

zipsplit -n <size> <in>

Where size is the maximum size in bytes of the file to create and in is the input ZIP file. Note that it doesn't work when there is a file larger than size contained within the original ZIP file.

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