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I have here 2 wireless networks with a linksys wrtg54 access points. Each network has its own dsl line. Is it possible to connect to the networks simultaneously? I want to be able to access all the computers on network1 ( and network2 ( Do I need 2 WLAN network cards in my computer? (Windows 7) Is it also possible to use the 2 dsl lines in the same time for example to speed up some big file downloads?


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You will require either 2 WiFi interfaces (a WiFi interface can only bind to 1 network at a time) or one WiFi and one Ethernet (if you don't mind using a wire).

You can easily add an extra WiFi interface to your computer using a cheap USB adapter.

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Pretty sure that only one network card can connect to a single network at a time. What you can do is use a wireless connection for one network and a wired connection for the other.

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