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Supposedly, it used to be possible to sync Evernote notes to your own server. I would like to use the open source clone NeverNote, to sychronize to my own server. Is there a way of doing this?

Here is another person asking the a similar question in another forum.
Here are notes on how to convince NeverNote that you have a premium subscription:

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Older Evernote versions (before 3.0) were Windows-only shareware programs. If you purchased the program you could export your database & synchronize it against other databases, but there was never a central server involved.

NeverNote has no automatic way of doing this or any other synchronization other than though Evernote.

I've looked at creating a local client-server synchronization for NeverNote. I'd like it for secure items, but the lack of mobile clients or a web interface would make it a pale shadow of Evernote's services. Unfortunately it won't be in the near future since my time is pretty much monopolized fixing bugs & keeping up with Evernote's clients.

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