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I think there are only 2 type of technology for keyboards in world. Which type of keyboard is better, Mechanical or Membrane?

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Better for whom? This is an open-ended question. Each answer is equally valid and is based only on the opinion of the answerer. – Al E. Apr 20 '11 at 2:07
You think wrong. There are also projection/virtual keyboards ( and chorded keyboards ( in production as well as other, more inventive, types in development ( – Dave Sherohman Apr 20 '11 at 10:00

Mechanical keyboards are generally better in that they have real mechanical key switches and are more durable, but they are significantly more expensive. These key switches can generate stronger tactile feedback as well as produce louder clicks, depending on the specific design of the key switch.

There are many technologies that can be used for keyboards, not just mechanical and membrane; see the Wikipedia article on this subject. See also this article on keyboards, part of a free online book on upgrading and repairing PCs.

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"Better" is a subjective term, and choice of keyboard is no exception.

That said, keyboards with mechanical switches are generally believed to have a very reliable and consistent feel and tend to be much more durable. Personally, I'm not convinced that mechanical keyboards aren't higher quality simply because the technology is more expensive, so the manufacturers invest in them much more. One side effect is that mechanical keyboards will tend to allow more than three or four keys to be pressed simultaneously. For people who do a lot of keying, this can matter. To my knowledge there isn't anything inherent to membrane keyboards which prevents them from registering multiple simultaneous keypresses other than the lower expense of the internal electronics which generally only support three or four simultaneous keys.

The major drawback of mechanical keyboards? The Blue keyswitches are very loud. There are alternatives, such as Brown (which gives tactile feedback but no sound) and Red (no sound, smooth motion).

If you're looking for a modern true mechanical keyboard, you can look at the Das Keyboard Professional or Das Keyboard Silent if you don't like the 'click-clack' of mechanical keys. They're not cheap, you'll notice, but they're also not much more expensive than Logitech's Gaming Keyboard.

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