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I have a Word document (DOCX) that has a line that ends with "2010". When I view and print the document with Word, everything is OK.

When I save as a PDF in Word 2007, a 0 is appended to the end of the line so that it appears as "20100". How do I get Word to stop adding an extra character?

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It works fine for me – Templar Apr 20 '11 at 6:40

Check for updates to MS-Office. Sometimes finicky little problems like this are often resolved with some minor updates.

In the meantime, you always do have the option of using a print driver such as PDF Creator (which will let you generate a PDF from any application with the ability to print using a Windows printer):

  PDF Creator

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I tried opening the document.xml file with Visual Studio, removing the offending 0s, and inserting the missing 0 to the end of "201". When I opened the DOCX with Word, the line ended with "201" so the only solution I can think of now is to recreate the document from scratch.

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