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When giving support, occasionally there is the need to get a screenshot from a user in order to help diagnose an issue. We can capture the screen from an RDP session but, that is a lot of work for this purpose.

The majority of our machines use Windows XP or Windows 7. Also, I have admin access to all machines that would need this treatment.

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I'm not sure I can picture how this tool might work. You want to trigger the remote machine to capture the screen and send it to you? Does the user sitting at the computer need to do anything? Do you just type in a computer name/IP and it shows you a picture? I assume you don't have any sort of screen sharing happening? –  Stephen Jennings Apr 20 '11 at 6:50
In some rare cases, our screen sharing tools can't connect. This would be most useful with users who aren't very savvy. Yes, I'd like to trigger the screenshot via computer name/IP. Ideally, it could partially work like the Mac screenshot tool where it is automatically saved to some location on the user's computer. We generally have no problems accessing UNC paths; we could collect the image from there. –  somehume Apr 20 '11 at 7:00
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