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In Word how can I add a section into a numbered list?

I have a large software requirements document that is organized using a numbered list, so I have a few paragraphs as 1, then maybe some sub-points as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.

I am having trouble where Word is starting a new number and not letting me edit into the current flow of the sequence.

How can I add a new paragraph into a section such as this so that I can add a new paragraph in-between existing ones and have the rest re-numbered?

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Which version of MS Word are we talking about? This would be helpful to know to quote the menu items correctly...

Anyway, try right-clicking on your newly inserted list item (which as I understand at this point has an incorrect number), choose Numbering > Set Numbering Value (bottom of the menu). In the pop-up choose Continue from previous list and adjust the numbering value if necessary.

As long as you have inserted it in your main list the rest of your existing numbered items will be re-numbered accordingly.

Hopefully, this helps.

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If you press Enter twice on any numbered line then unnumbered section appears between two continiously numbered lists.

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