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This seems to be a pretty commonly Google question, but one for which there are no answers.

Being three links amongst the many.

The gist of what I want to accomplish is to have Firefox understand the file associations I download without me having to manually map all of them myself. Gnome knows the file extensions, so I would have expected that Firefox could just use the already-known file mappings there to open the right stuff (as I presume Chrome does). But it doesn't. At least not for me, using Firefox 4, and not by default. When I click on a downloaded file right now, Firefox always has to ask me what application should be used to open the file.

A handful of Google results tell me that I can reassociate my file extensions by deleting ~/.mozilla/firefox/[profile name]/mimeTypes.rdf, but while deleting that file does in fact result in a new mimeTypes file being generated, the new mimeTypes is just as barren as the old one had been.

Based on the amount of unanswered Qs on the Googlesphere, I know this is a very common problem for Ubuntu users, but it seems to be one for which nobody has chimed in with a good solution. Maybe Superuser can finally be the panacea for us all?

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You must install ubufox extension try sudo apt-get install ubufox on a terminal. That transitional dummy package associated file extensions to firefox. Here's the link

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Could you add a little more information about what ubufox is and why it would be helpful, possibly with a link to their website? That would make your answer much more helpful. Thanks! – nhinkle Apr 20 '11 at 23:07
@wbharding so have you solved your problem? – afarazit May 8 '11 at 11:11

As originally stated here:

  1. Stop firefox if it is running
  2. Delete or rename the mimetypes cache (where firefox keeps its file association settings):

    $ rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/<yourprofile>/mimeTypes.rdf
  3. Start firefox again

  4. Download any file if you had not done this before
  5. Open that file from the “Tools > Downloads” menu (by right-clicking on it and selecting “Open“). When asked to choose the application for opening the file, browse to “/usr/bin/xdg-open“. then check the checkbox to “Remember your choice“.
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