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HI, I recently crashed my computer and somehow I couldn't repair my Windows 7 installation so I decided to reinstall entire OS (Windows 7) of course my old system files were saved in Windows.old folder. But now I wonder if there is a way I can transfer my user profile from the old OS to new. Is there a way to transfer user profile from Windows.old to new OS?

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Have a look in c:\users to see if your old profile exists there. If it still exists then you can map it to your new account using User Profile Manager.

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Thank you for your answer, but user profile is not in that specific folder it was moved along with other files into c:\windows.old\. I copied my old user profile folder into the current c:\Users and with User profile Manager I can see it if I check »show unassigned profiles«. I quickly checked the manual and I read that I can assign this “unassigned profile” to existing one and it seems that it works, I can see my certificates now I have to see if I can use my VPN connection to work network. I wonder if this is the only way or I can make this ”unassigned profile” part of local accounts? B.r. – F34R Apr 21 '11 at 12:59
I managed to get my old installation back by following guide on this site… , I guess the damage to the system was not so hard since I have all my accounts back. I just wanted to let you know. – F34R Apr 22 '11 at 9:52

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