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I'm looking for a generic utility/driver that allows me some basic mouse button remapping; especially setting the thumb button as "middle button" and maybe even the wheel button as "double click".

I would use Logitech's driver but hey, they apparently don't think it's important to support their older mice in the Windows7-compatible SetPoint software.

I'm pretty sure there's some open source (not a requirement though) mouse driver out there which acts like Microsoft's default moue driver but allows button remapping. However, I couldn't find such a driver when searching (most results pointed to forums where less-technical people asked and just got "get your vendor's driver" answers).

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AutoHotkey is your friend. :)

First, you will need AHK itself. Download it from the website (first link). It's free of charge, no registration, etc.

Then, create a new AHK script, with a .ahk ending.
Using the online tutorial (and manuals) will help you figure out most of the things.

Remapping keys.

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Many thanks - that works like a charm. – ThiefMaster Apr 21 '11 at 19:50

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