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I have a problem with all Bluetooth devices freezing for 5-30 seconds. I went through all the Sony tech support steps of restoring the system, etc. to no avail. Sony sent out a technician with new Bluetooth hardware, which did not solve the problem.

I've discovered that the Bluetooth problem goes away when I have Wi-Fi turned off. Presumably this is a driver problem, or maybe the order in which the drivers are loaded.

When checking the device manager, there are no problems shown -- no interrupt or other conflicts.

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not a driver problem. see the answer. – RobotHumans Apr 21 '11 at 13:33

Some wireless standards operate at 2.4Ghz(as does bluetooth), so until the intereference is accounted for and they select only channels that are not currently clashing...Just my 2 cents. Switching to use only the 5.4Ghz bands on your wireless(802.11a) may fix it.

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