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The DHCP protocol supports setting the time zone and the Windows DHCP Server implements this feature.

The time zone on my company laptop (a member of a Windows domain) never changes when I connect to different networks in different time zones.

What do I need to configure on my client to allow it to acquire the time zone information from the DHCP server? Is the fact that I am on a domain preventing this from happening?

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RFC4833 and Windows DHCP server seem to disaggree on how to send the timezone info to the client. With RFC4833 the server can sends a string like "Europe/Berlin", but Windows DHCP Server seems to send the info as a Time Offset - a number. I wouln't bother anyway: The usual DHCP "server" is a small linux router with ISC DHCPd or Dnsmasq. – Turbo J Apr 24 '11 at 19:23
TurboJ, I agree that is what I would use for my own DHCP server, however, the question is how to get windows to recognize the time zone. – Justin Dearing Apr 25 '11 at 12:28

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