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Why does my Mutt black background look gray?


My color settings look like:

color normal white black
color message white black
color hdrdefault cyan black
color attachment yellow black

color index cyan black "~Q"

# Unread messages in yellow
color index brightgreen black "~N"
color index brightgreen black "~O"

# Deleted messages in a dark color
color index blue black "~D"

# Flagged messages in red
color index brightred black "~F"

# Color information about the sender
color header brightgreen black "From: "
color header brightgreen black "To: "
color header brightgreen black "Cc: "
color header brightred black "Subject: "
color header brightcyan black "date: "

# Color the first levels of quoted text
color quoted green black
color quoted1 cyan black
color quoted2 green black
color quoted3 cyan black

# identifies email addresses
color body  brightred black [\-\.+_a-...@[\-\.a-zA-Z0-9]+

# identifies URLs
color body  brightblue black (https?|s?ftp)://[\-\.,/%~_:?&=\#\(\)\+a-zA-Z0-9]+

# GnuPG
color body black red "BAD signature .*$"

# Tag a good signature
color body brightgreen black "Good signature .*$"

# Inform the signature can't be verified
color body brightred black "Can't check signature: public key not found"
color body brightred black "WARNING: .*!"
color body brightred black "some signal caught ... exiting"
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black is only a name for \e[40m; the real color to be shown is determined by your terminal's configuration.

If you use GNOME Terminal (I'm guessing by the color #2E3436), Edit - Profile Preferences - Colors - Palette.

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