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I want to be able to remote into my computer for work from an android based tablet. I have a keyboard for the tablet with CTRL & BREAK keys. I need to be able to send a CTRL+BREAK+A and separately F7 into the computer that I am remoting into. I have tried Remote RDP Lite and *PocketCloud apps. Neither seem to send either of those keys/combinations.

Does anyone know an android app that will send those keystrokes into a Remote Desktop? I'll also need the F2, F3, & F5 function usage native to the Remote Desktop, not the Android OS. F3 seems to perform a force close and F4 seems to turn the screen off/on.

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If you can't find a remote desktop program to do it for you, all I can suggest is to set up an Auto Hot Key Script that will do those combinations upon you doing an action/key combination that the application likes.

If you do want to go down this route, let me know in comments and I will try to write/help you down this route.

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