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I have Google set as my homepage and load it when I open a new tab.

Where in Firefox 3 the cursor would be inside the Google Search field so I could start typing my query, it now sits at the end of the URL.

Example: I want to look for "brown foxes." Instead of searching for "brown foxes" on an enter, as it used to be, I now go to foxes and get the Google 404 error.

Is there any way to force the focus back to the search box as it used to be?

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What setting do you use to open Google in each new tab? Normally I use about:blank for homepage, but in trying to reproduce your problem I changed it to However, I still have a blank window when I open a tab. – Mr.Wizard May 10 '11 at 17:00

This is not an exact solution, but here are two better use-cases for you:

1: Use InstantFox. This will make your the Firefox AwesomeBar a universal search bar.

2: Use OpenDNS. This will route all your invalid URLs (eg. foxes) to valid search engine queries; among other things.

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Better: use NewTabUrl plugin and untick option "select location bar after loading the new tab"

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