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Me and my friend are trying to connect 3 computers together: 2 using XP and one Windows 7. We have successfully connected the XP computer that is connected to the router directly with cable and the Windows 7 computer but the other Windows XP computer doesn't show in any workgroup that we've created. What might be the problem?

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What versions of XP you're using? Both are XP professional? – Naveed Ahmad Apr 22 '11 at 11:05
Yes they are both WinXP Professional – Martin Apr 22 '11 at 12:03

Ensure the workstation and browser services are started on the XP machine that is not appearing.

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Check that the firewall on the 2nd XP machine is configured to let local network traffic through in both directions.

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  • In XP's Firewall (firewall.cpl) enable the "File and Printer Sharing" exception;

    (if you use a third-party firewall, allow TCP 139, TCP 445, UDP 137, UDP 138 and ICMP Echo)

  • Use Wireshark to watch for browsing traffic (display filter smb || nbss || nbns || netbios || browser)

  • In 7, try nbtstat -a <HOSTNAME> and nbtstat -A <IPADDRESS> (where <HOSTNAME> and <IPADDRESS> are the XP computer's name and IP address respectively); also check if they return the correct workgroup name.

  • Try restaring the "Computer Browser" service in all computers

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File and printer sharing is enabled nbtstat says that the host cannot be found (tried with IP adress also) restarted the computer browser service and it didn't have effect – Martin Apr 22 '11 at 12:05

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