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Long time ago everything was working perfectly but one day it stopped working! I have an ASUS WL530g V2 router, and a Modem from CISCO, my internet provider is KABEL BW, I live in Germany. The connection doesn't require any information to connect, it connects automatically. I am able to connect with the router but it doesn't give me internet from the modem. When I enter I get the following:

Internet Connection Status

Type: Automatic IP

Status: Disconnected

Reason: lost IP from server

I have tried a lot of things but it simply doesn't work! Thank you for your time and help!

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You need to contact the ISP and have them confirm everything is working. IT could be the modem is faulty, it could be a technician unplugged you at the street by accident, it could be a billing issue. It could also take several hours for the ISP to renew your IP lease, so constant switching on and off the equipment to reset may not fix it.

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