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I'm using the calculator to solve equations like this:

((2 * 2.12) *  (0.657)) - ((3 * 2.97) *  (0.657^2)) 

where (0.657^2) is 0.657 squared. However, if I run that in the calculator, the ^ is used as the bitwise OR function and not the power funtion. I tried finding a list of shortcut keys for the calculator, but all I could find was a small list that didn't include what I want to do! Does anyone know where I could find a list of all the shortcuts for the calculator? (e.g., p = Pi, ^ bitwise OR, * multiply, etc)

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For a power, press the letter "Y" in Windows Calculator. For example, the keystrokes "0.657y2" (without the quotation marks) will show up on the calculator interface as: 0.657^2

To find the full list of shortcut keys, press "F1" for Help, then follow the link to "Shortcut keys" and select "Windows Calculator" to see the full list. Some entries will indicate that the key is only available in Scientific Mode, but in the spirit of long-standing Microsoft traditions, this is an "error" (or a "bug") that is present in the Windows Help text since most of those keys will work outside of Scientific Mode anyway.

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