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Using Outlook 2010 with a corporate Exchange Server.

The rule I want to create is this:

After rule arrives from and with Passed in the subject Move it to the SuccessBuilds folder and mark it Read.

When I did that, the Outlook marked the rule as Client-Side. So I removed the part about marking it Read and it became a server side rule.

So I thought, ok, maybe marking an email as read is a client-side only activity. So I sent myself an email, closed Outlook, opened the email on my iPhone (thus marking it read). Then I opened the Outlook again and the email was already marked read. So clearly marking emails read can be a server-side activity.

So why is my rule being shoved client-side?

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"opening the email on my [your] iPhone" may be a client-side activity. iPhone is a client. It is not the Windows Outlook client, but it is a client nonetheless. – Krazy Glew Nov 12 '15 at 16:13
I think what the poster is saying is that the server does know the "read status" of a message, so the server should be able to mark a message as read without a client telling it to do so. – mattgately Mar 21 at 13:55
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Does your MS-Exchange server provide web-based access to your eMail? If so, try logging into that and creating the rule there (and then it will have to be server-side).

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Being marked as "read" is a client side action not a server action. When you opened the message on your phone it (the client) read it and then told the server to mark it as read.

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that is not true, Server side rule can mark as read – Tilo May 23 '14 at 17:09

If you have the destination folder in Personal Folders, it would be in your pst file(located in PC) and the rule will become client-only. But if you place the destination folder in inbox, the folder will be in your Exchange and the server will process your rules.

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You can using the outlook web app, set up a rule that will mark the mail as read, and it will work as if it truly was server-side. Anyways, it never pops up as unread in my iphone, even if I don't have the web app or outlook open.

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you are basically saying the same thing as @Randolf two years later without adding any new information. – mattgately Mar 21 at 14:25

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