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Does anyone know of an easy Chrome extension whose functionality includes the ability to right-click a word and select some "Define" option from the right-click menu, that will then open up a new tab for a Google Define: term query?

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The Define extension should do you the trick.

Once you install it you get the option of looking up the definition in either Google, Merriam-Webster or and will open in a background tab.

You can select which language to default on if you open up definitions via Google Dictionary.

If you want even simpler, install Google Dictionary. You only need to double-click on a word and it will bring up a pop-up with the definition. Said pop-up will include a link to the Google Dictionary page of the selected word.

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Thank you! Loads better for me than, say, the stock Google dictionary extension. Nit-picking is home nowhere if not the Internet, so I must insist: is there a similar extension that doesn't require two clicks to pull up the definition page? (Maybe I should just learn to live with it rather than detailing these incredibly minute gripes...) – moonslug Apr 23 '11 at 5:29
Haven't found another extension yet that is few clicks to bring up the definition. Maybe someone else will @moo – random Apr 23 '11 at 15:36
even quicker.. The google dictionary extension… you can select a word hit CTRL or another key and a popup shows the definition. The option is in extension options if you click the button at the top that the extension produces you then click extension options (or from tools..extensions..the options for google dictionary), then see a section called "pop-up definition" in the options, and choose ctrl when you select it. And it does it for double click too. – barlop Mar 4 '14 at 22:35

I use Context Menu Search. With it, I've set up links to not just a dictionary and thesaurus but a quick way to find a route from home to a selected address, searches in Amazon, IMDB, YouTube and so on.

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