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I'm experimenting with un secured read write samba shares


secure read write samba shares.

I've worked out the required ( + folder perlmissions + basic smb.conf setup)

Now heres the thing, when I log into the secure samba share and close the folder. I am not challenged for username and password if I access the share again. How can I make it do that ?

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You can't, AFAIK. Once you successfully log into another computer through Windows Explorer, the credentials will be cached locally (by your XP system) for the rest of your session. You would have to log out from XP to clear them.

Although I don't see why that would be a problem. If you are afraid that someone will access the secure share when you're away, just lock the PC (Win+L).

Or, if you need this for experiments with Samba, use net use instead: net use \\host\share /u:username /p:no and net use \\host\share /d.

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