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Is there a way to use a keyboard shortcut to quickly paste frequently used addresses without them being on the clipboard? For example, I don't like to stay logged into Facebook, so when I go onto Facebook I usually will need to login. Can I set up a keyboard shortcut that will paste my login info. Obviously I would need to set up several different key combinations for maybe 5 frequently used logons. How can I do this in Mac OS X?

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For general typing/hotkey functionality, use Typinator, TypeIt4Me, TextExpander, Butler by Manytricks, or Keyboard Maestro.

You can also use AppleScript and/or Automator to write these simple scripts yourself.

To store web site login information, use your browser's password storage (likely via OS X Keychain, or specific to the browser), or 1Password.

The integrated text substitution in OS X (System Preferences » Language & Text » Text) does not seem to work with browser input fields.

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I highly recommend 1Password. Been using it for years. It's awesome! Check out the keyboard shortcuts it has :)

But the Mac can do this with the safari settings as well. Safari will store it's data in the keychain in an encrypted state.

I don't recommend text expander or similar types of software for this use case! It's not encrypted. Not good for passwords.

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