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When I start a program(clicking on the icon in the desktop or start menu) my computer brings up the spinning circle tool-tip and then does nothing, as in the computer still works but the program never starts.

If I used a desktop shortcut my Desktop is frozen. Having a program fail like this after opening it from either the Start Menu or the Desktop will cause Explorer to crash when I interact with the Taskbar or Desktop.

Once Explorer has crashed and restarted it gets worse because many of the links on the right side of the Windows 7 Start Menu error out with the message "Remote Procedure Call failed and did not execute." Resource Monitor shows the failed programs I've started as 'Suspended.'

Oddly enough when Google Chrome is one of the programs affected I discovered I can make Chrome start by using the "Search Online" option from the task's context menu in Resource Monitor, but no existing icon will work.

I'm making a new question because the only relevant Google result is Windows 7 Processes starting as Suspended, which someone blocked to lurks like me from contributing to, oh and it's two years old with no answer.

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Oh joy, just found out that after explorer has crashed everything on my Desktop also throws RPC error windows. – David Apr 24 '11 at 1:40

First I would run a chkdsk /f on the hard drive.

Then run the System File Checker

Reboot when SFC is finished.

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No fix. The System file Checker did find some bad files, but I really hope the Chinese Language Packs aren't the reason for my problem. – David Apr 28 '11 at 17:41

For convenience (and a temporary fix), just restart the explorer.exe process.

This caused all other apps to open like normal again for me. This isn't a permanent solution, and I only stumbled upon this when I tried to run cmd as an administrator and my explorer.exe became non-responsive.

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