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I have MacOS snow leopard and Windows 7 installed on same hard drive(on a iMac). I want to have a folder that is shared between them where I can write data, not only read. Is this possible? On windows partition MacOS says that I don't have permission to write and on Mac partition Windows says same thing.


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If you create a Fat32 partition from either mac or windows you should be able to both read and write to it from either OS.

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Ok, I will try. The problem is with write access not with partition type because Windows can read from Mac partition and Mac can read from Windows partition. –  Felics Feb 27 '11 at 12:28
@Felics: the lack of write access is due to the partition type (or more accurately, the limited support for those partition types under the other OS). –  Gordon Davisson Feb 27 '11 at 18:32
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You could create an ext3 partition. With the proper drivers, both MacOS and Windows can read and write to files in a ext3 partition. ("Use a Linux file system for Mac/PC drive sharing")

You might also look at the other options listed at Lifehacker: "A Comprehensive Guide to Sharing Your Data Across Multi-Booting Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs".

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