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I have data as noted in example below and I need to remove duplicate values retaining the latest updated value and remove the data that is in bold and italics

Time Delivered Time Difference Name Order #

4/1/2011 21:25 9:04:23 Hilton, Kevin M. f0000865

4/1/2011 13:31 1:10:23 Hilton, Kevin M. f0000865

4/1/2011 19:30 7:09:57 Hilton, Kevin M. f0000864

4/1/2011 13:31 1:10:57 Hilton, Kevin M. f0000864

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Sort your data by Time Delivered descending (newest first), then remove duplicates from the table using Order# as the only criterion. That should work because the Remove Duplicates function keeps the first unique record from the top and removes duplicates that follow.

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