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The 'Auto Shutdown computer after all downloads finish' extension that I used for Firefox 3.6 - Auto Shutdown 3.6.2D by InBasic , does not work with Firefox 4 or higher, even if I tweaked it to force its compatibility with versions of Firefox higher than 3.6.

Is there another extension, software, or solution that can automatically shutdown or standby / sleep the computer after all downloads have finished in Firefox 4 or later versions?

The OS I'm using is Windows 7.

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Shutdown Timer. Set it to monitor download speed, works like a charm.

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Just would like to add here that Shutdown Timer's network management functionality (monitoring of download speed) is not free. You have to buy the 'Premium' version which has that functionality. –  galacticninja Sep 23 '12 at 7:38
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The Auto Shutdown NG extension can auto shutdown or standby/sleep the computer after all downloads in Firefox finish.

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