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I have a dell 1525 laptop and it won't boot up. I keep getting the message internal hard drive not found. I called Dell and they are send me a new hard drive, but I need the info on this hard drive. How can I retrieve it?

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What kind of "info" do you need? Make/model? because we couldn't possibly tell you that without at least a model number. Or are you asking how to put your old stuff on the new hard drive? Because if they had to send you a new one it is more than likely dead which is going to make retrieving data difficult. – Not Kyle stop stalking me Apr 24 '11 at 21:07

Most dells have this. While trying to boot up, tap F12. You should be brought to a menu. Using your keyboard select diagnostics. let it run, and most likely it will find a harddrive error. If you don't have any external encloser you can put the harddrve in, then you will want to download a Linux boot cd and try to copy the files you need to a flashdrive or if they are small email them.

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Assuming the drive is still working, you could try taking the drive out and putting it in a drive enclosure, then get the data from that. Otherwise, you may have to try a data recovery service. Lowcostrecovery looks fairly cheap as data recovery services go, but shop around, because I don't have any experience with data recovery companies.

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