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Due to some newly installed software packages my MacBook (Mac OS X 10.6.7) runs with little disk space available (~ 2.3 gb), which actually is enough for working right now. Currently I am on the go so I can't transfer any data to other machines.

After said several installations my Windows 7 x64 VM does not start anymore. It refuses with a warning informing me that there's little disk space on host available and I should release about 230 mb to resume, otherwise the VM may experience an unexpected error. At this point I am asked to decide whether to continue or to stop the VM again. If I decide to continue the startup, the warning pops up again, which is the same case when I decide to continue again and so on...

Info: After launching the VM's start, the amount of disk space shrinks to ~ 1 gb.

Can anyone help? Thx in advance...


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Did you perform a Cleanup? On three Windows VMs, I found 100 GB of reclaimable space. I'm now trying to permanently shrink it to avoid the problems. Also see “Invalid disk size” when shrinking a disk and Dismiss low disk space prompt (Suspend, Power Off, Continue). – jww Jun 29 at 16:47
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Free some disk space (a completely full Mac OS X system disk is a major pain, you'll actually lose data) or move the VM to an external hard drive with enough free space. You wrote yourself, the VM gobbles up free space when running.

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