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I tried to download some additional packages for miktex, but it seems that the website has problems (it's running IIS...). The miktex package manager can't connect to online-repo. I tried to reach the miktex-repo through my browser, but it gives back a server-error.

I found another ftp-based repository here (ftp) (http-link). I downloaded the needed package, and tried to tell miktex-package-manager that my download-dir is my repo, but something's missing.

My research showed how-to's for linux only, so I hope somebody can tell me how to create a local repository for miktex.

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I found a solution (the miktex-website is now completly offline):

I opened that ftp-repository mentioned above with filezilla and downloaded everything (be patient, that's 1,07 GB). After everything was downloaded, MiKTeX Package Manager accepted the target-directory as local Repository.

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The repository may also be cloned via wget -r --no-parent – oconnor0 Apr 4 '13 at 4:28

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